What are integrations?

An integration is a live link between a software platform your company currently uses and the Peg platform. Examples of software platforms might be Google Analytics, AppsFlyer and Shopify.

Why should I integrate other platforms with Peg?

At Peg, we're trying to solve the problem of calculating true returns from influencer marketing. We're not satisfied with measuring the performance of a campaign just based on engagement stats like number of likes or comments - we want to follow a content viewer's journey all the way through to a sale of your product.

By integrating platforms like Google Analytics and Shopify, we'll be able to pull in all relevant data so that you can view all the social stats and customer conversion data in one dashboard. You'll be able to identify not just which influencer, but specifically which piece of content helped to drive the most sales.

Knowing this will help you make more data-informed decisions on how to run your next influencer campaign or retargeting campaign.

What platforms does Peg currently support?

We've chosen to start with three widely used analytics platforms, Google Analytics, Appsflyer and Adjust. 

Click here to find out how to integrate Google Analytics.
Click here to find out how to integrate Appsflyer.
Click here to find out how to integrate Adjust.

The way we choose which platforms to support is solely through customer demand, so talk to us about your marketing and sales tech stack. 🤓

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