Step 1

Head over to your Google Analytics dashboard, click on the settings icon in the bottom left corner, then click on ”User Management”..

Step 2

You should now be in “Account Permissions”. Click the blue plus icon in the top right corner, then click on “Add new users”.. 

Step 3

Enter the following email address:

Uncheck “Notify new users by email” and check the box “Read and Analyze” in the “Permissions” box. Click “Add”.

Your View ID

Step 1

Peg needs your “View ID” in order to connect with your Google Analytics account. To find the “View ID”, click the name of your GA Account in the admin section:

Step 2

Look in the outer right column called “Views”. The “View ID” is the numerical value under the name, as shown below.

Once you have emailed us your “View ID”, we will complete the integration and you should be set up. 

Finally, we'll run some test transactions to confirm that Google Analytics events are being picked up by Peg, and we should be good to go. It's a fairly straight-forward process, but we're always happy to have a direct chat with the relevant person in charge of Google Analytics at your company if that'd be helpful. 

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