In order to start the integration, please go through the checklist below and ensure each step can be completed before continuing.


  • Whitelist our devices so we can test the integration internally - we will send our device ID’s separately. Instructions on how to whitelist a device from your AppsFlyer dashboard can be found here.
  • Your app should include AppsFlyer’s SDK, correctly configured
  • If your app isn’t live yet (not featured in Google Play or the Apple App Store), please provide us with the app (an apk or ipa file) so we can test installation on our test devices

Whether the app is live or not, it must be listed in your Appsflyer dashboard.

Getting started

Peg is an AppsFlyer Integrated Partner. The steps below outline how to complete an integration with us in just a few minutes from your AppsFlyer dashboard. We will then test and confirm the integration is ready.

Step 1

Once the prerequisites have been done, please send us your app id.
Android example:  iOS example: id1234123412

Step 2

Enable ad network permissions for “Peg” within your AppsFlyer account. The required permissions are "Allow to configure integration" and "Allow to configure in-app events postbacks".

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