If you're in the Shortlist tab and you've shortlisted some influencers you're thinking of working with, you'll be seeing something like this.


The Summary view helps you understand at a glance, where you're at with each of the influencers you've shortlisted - whether you've just started conversations with them, or already have a signed contract with content about to go live.

Content deliverables and tracking links

Another key feature is the ability to monitor the content that each influencer has created for your campaign, along with the relevant tracking links.

Once the various pieces of content have been agreed with each influencer, be sure to add them as a deliverable so that you can generate tracking links and analyse the results from your campaign (that'll come through in the Report tab).

To add a deliverable:

  • Click the expand button for an influencer
  • Click on "Add content deliverable"
  • Fill in the content deliverable details
  • Generate a Peg tracking link (that your influencer should then include in their YouTube video / Instagram Stories description)

Assuming the Peg tracking link has been included correctly, the relevant content will automatically update itself once it is posted live by the influencer. At this point, you'll be able to watch the results come in via the Report tab.


Peg also enables you to monitor the performance of any remarketing campaigns you decide to run on an influencer's audience. You can find out more here.

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