You've done the hard work and the campaign content is now live! Let's now see how you'd monitor and analyse the results of your campaign.

If you're in the Report tab, you're probably looking at something like this.

The top half of the page shows the conversion funnel and revenue chart, whereas the bottom half gives you a breakdown of performance by influencer.

If you're not seeing this, it might be because none of your influencers' content have gone live yet, or because you haven't set up a Peg integration.

Conversion funnel and revenue chart

This section aggregates the results of your campaign across all of your influencers. The conversion funnel is there to give you an idea of not just the degree of awareness (views and engagements) you generated with your campaign, but also how many people clicked through to your website to consider your offering (consideration) and ultimately how many then went on to make a purchase (action).

The daily revenue chart translates the number of people who made a purchase into revenue figures, day by day. These gross revenue figures are what we use to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) on your campaign, so you can understand and compare how well your various influencer campaigns are performing.

Remember that to pull in the relevant data, you'll need to integrate one of your website analytics or e-commerce platforms to Peg. You can find more information on that here.

Performance breakdown by influencer

Who were the top influencers for your campaign? Which piece of content led to the biggest sales conversions? Are you paying the right influencers the appropriate fees? These are the types of questions we try to answer by giving you the performance data on an influencer and content specific level.

Exporting performance data

If you need the data to create your post-campaign reports, click on the "Export" button to download the data in CSV format.

Monitoring untracked content

For those of you that like to have all your content organised together in one place, don't freak out, we've got you covered. Click on the "Add untracked deliverable" button at the bottom of the influencers table and add in your historic content URLs. This will allow you to monitor all of your tracked and untracked content, on the same platform, to your heart's content. ❤️

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