What we're trying to do at Peg is to help you calculate your true returns from your influencer spend. In a perfect world, you'd be able to run an influencer campaign with a single piece of content and convert content viewers into consumers directly. In reality, the conversion rates for this tends to be fairly small, as consumers typically need to come into contact with the brand or product more than once, before deciding to make a purchase.

Remarketing on your influencer campaigns

This is where remarketing comes in. If you were to work with an influencer on a YouTube video and you knew that say 50,000 people had watched that video, but hadn't converted, it might be an idea to try to retarget them via some other form of Google advertising, say YouTube pre-roll or the Google Search Network.

The good news is that this can easily be done, so long as you have the influencer's permission (we recommend adding this as a requirement in your contract with them). What Peg then helps with, is making sure you're attributing the subsequent conversions that come out of any remarketing campaign, to the right influencer. This allows you to truly track how much you're spending on your influencer campaigns, and what the total revenues or returns are, enabling you to get a real understanding of what your ROI on influencer spend is.

Adding a remarketing campaign to Peg

If you're thinking of running a remarketing campaign to follow-on from one of your influencer campaigns, here's what you need to do. Remember though, that you'll need to set up at least one data integration for this to work.

  • In the "Shortlist" tab, click on the expand button for the relevant influencer
  • Click on the "Add remarketing advert" button
  • Fill in the details for the advert and generate a Peg tracking link (to be used in the remarketing advert itself when it goes live)
  • Click on save

Once your remarketing advert goes live with the Peg tracking link, Peg will start pulling in the stats and displaying them as part of the Report tab.

What Peg doesn't do

Just to avoid any confusion, Peg does not:

  • Buy any media on your behalf;
  • Control your Facebook or Google Ads account; or
  • Liaise with the influencer for your remarketing campaign.

If anything's still unclear, feel free to send us a message using the red button floating on the bottom right of this screen and we'd be happy to help.

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