Account setup

When you sign up to Peg, please contact a member of the Peg team to ensure we’ve switched on the Adjust integration within your account. This only takes a minute to do and we won’t require any further information from you.

Tracker generation

When you start planning your campaign within the Peg tool and are ready to start generating trackable links to send to your influencers, head over to your Adjust dashboard to create a tracker. Your tracker will look something like this if creating a single platform tracker, or this  if creating a multi-platform tracker.

Enter this URL into the box that says “Adjust tracker URL” when you are setting up your content deliverables within the Manage tab of the tool.

From here, we will programmatically take care of segmenting the data for you by customising and injecting Adjust’s Campaign Structure Parameters onto the tracker. We segment by the following parameter tiers:

Campaign (tier 1):
An underscored version of the campaign name.
e.g. new_lipstick_launch

Adgroup (tier 2):
The influencer’s YouTube username or YouTube channel uid or Instagram handle.
e.g. zoella280390

Creative (tier 3):
A unique reference to the content deliverable setup within Peg.
e.g. 1XKL91

In most cases (if your campaign is promoting a single app), you’ll only need to create a tracker once at the beginning of your campaign. Whether you are creating a single piece of content or multiple pieces of content, you’ll only need that one tracker if you are sticking with Peg’s default segmentation structure.  If you override the structure, you will need to generate different trackers per content piece with your customized parameters.

We’d recommend sticking with Peg’s default segmentation structure for the vast majority of influencer marketing campaigns. If you really need to override the structure, you can customize your tracker from your Adjust dashboard, but you will need to create different trackers per content deliverable created for your campaign.

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